Top Five Articles from Caitlin Moran’s Moranifesto

img_4621In Moranifesto, Caitlin Moran politely suggests that we all get off our bums (not literally, you can write it from the comfort of your sofa with a packet of crisps and a pint) and think about our own manifestos. Just as she wasn’t an expert in feminism when How to Be a Woman took the UK by storm, Caitlin makes the (very good) point that you don’t have to be an expert to talk about politics and offer your opinion.

Whilst being more overtly political than Moranthology, I was happy to find that this second collection of columns still had the requisite amount of absurd anecdotes, appreciation of Benedict Cumberbatch and advice on how to simply accept your hangover. Here are five of my favourite articles:

  1. My Lady Festival Advice
    Ever found yourself shivering in hot pants, attempting to apply foundation in the tiny, blurry mirror of a blocked portaloo with the hope of looking more ‘festival chic’? Buy a bumbag, dig out that Niagara Falls poncho and take Caitlin Moran’s expert festival advice.
  1. I Can’t Stop Listening to Get Lucky
    It was the summer of 2013, aka the summer of the Get Lucky binge. We were all hitting repeat. We were all addicts. We were all up all night to get lucky. Like much of Moranifesto, this hilarious account of Caitlin’s own Get Lucky problem is very much of its time.
  1. What is a House?
    What happens when a house is no longer just a home? What happens when a house is an investment or a distant unachievable aim? Caitlin explores the meaning of ‘a house’ and perfectly describes the current situation: ‘rows and rows of investments… whole towns of acquisitions’.
  1. No One Wants to Go Out
    Moranifesto begins with perhaps the most relatable article of all. We’ve all had that 4pm slump before the 8pm night out. No one wants to go out. But then they do… and they have The Best Time Ever.
  1. Reading is Fierce
    It will come as no surprise that I love this article. It essentially states the rarely acknowledged fact that readers are badass. You are not ‘just a bit of a bookworm’. You are a co-creator, a co-artist, a co-imaginer and you are part of something exhilarating and potentially life-changing.

Moranifesto is released in paperback on 9 March and is available in hardback now.


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