Review: Last Seen Alive – Claire Douglas

Claire DouglasTitle: Last Seen Alive
Author: Claire Douglas
Publisher: Penguin
Publication date: 13 July 2017
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 400

Last Seen Alive tells the story of Libby and Jamie. After a stressful few months, it’s a welcome relief when a note comes through their door suggesting a house swap. They jump at the opportunity to escape to The Hideaway, an idyllic, spacious home by the beach in Cornwall, but all is not as it seems. Their relaxing getaway is soon turned on its head when they discover a taxidermist’s studio in the basement, find bloody clothing in the garden and Jamie becomes very suddenly ill from the food left for them in the kitchen. Worst of all, Libby is convinced someone has been in the house…

The strange events at The Hideaway are just the start of Libby and Jamie’s troubles. It soon comes to light that they both have secrets from before their marriage and someone is intent on digging them up. Can their relationship survive? And who is behind it all?

Last Seen Alive is intriguing from the very first page. Full of twists and turns, a suspense builds up throughout the first half of the book. At the midway point, there is a big reveal, but we soon learn that we still don’t know the half of it.

I was initially disappointed that there were no potential leads for me to follow in the first few chapters, meaning I was unable to make any guesses about who was behind the potentially life-ruining events affecting Libby and Jamie. This was quickly pushed out of mind though, as I became completely gripped by Claire Douglas’ skilful writing and slow unveiling of information. She kept me on my toes up until the very final twist and, oh my, what a twist it is!

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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