Floored Blog Tour: First Lines

34372905I am thrilled to be on the blog tour for Floored today! This collaborative novel written by seven of the biggest names in YA was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and it did not disappoint.

Described as The Breakfast Club meets One DayFloored follows the story of six teenagers: “the swot, the fraud, the dutiful daughter, the child star, the fangirl and the asshole”. They get into a lift one morning as strangers but quickly experience something than intertwines their lives forever.

Floored is a multiple narrative book, told from the perspectives of the six characters and a mysterious narrator. For the blog tour, MyKindaBook wanted to play on the idea of collaboration and the characters’ unique voices. So I’ve teamed up with six other brilliant bloggers to bring you a week of posts based around each character’s first line.

My first line is courtesy of Hugo: “God, the North is ghastly.”

As a proud Yorkshire woman, I hardly warm to Hugo from his opening statement. But it is undeniably a great first line. It tells us something about his character, pulls us into the story and, most importantly, makes us feel something.

So what does Hugo’s first line tell us about him? That he is privileged, narrow-minded and hates the North! And how does it make me feel? Well, it successfully inspires some pretty strong emotions in me. I LOVE the North! Where else do you get a Lord Mayor telling Trump he’s not welcome in our city? Where else do you get ‘big light’, ‘corporation pop’ and ‘a rate good time’? And where else do you get a band of ukulele-brandishing men singing about the joys of pie and Hendo’s? Pile in some friendly people, beautiful countryside and cities full to the brim of culture and history and what’s not to love? But it doesn’t impress Hugo. Fuelled by my dislike of his opening sentence, I was eager to learn more about him. So all in all, a pretty successful first line.

I love first lines and often use them to choose my next read or to decide whether or not to buy a book that I’m uncertain about. What are some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to check out the rest of the posts in the blog tour too!


I received this book free from the publishers. Thank you, Pan Macmillan!


5 thoughts on “Floored Blog Tour: First Lines

  1. Thanks for contributing to the blog tour, Jane! It’d be great to see more YA set outside of London, including in the north. Good on you for taking on Hugo – he would actually have been my second choice for a playlist, as there are a surprising (unsurprising?) number of songs that fit a guy like him! 😉

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