Blog Tour Review: The Hopes and Triumphs of the Amir Sisters – Nadiya Hussain

81TL9-vlvLLTitle: The Hopes and Triumphs of the Amir Sisters
Author: Nadiya Hussain
Publisher: HQ
Publication date: 23 January 2020
Genre: General fiction/family saga
Pages: 352

The Hopes and Triumphs of the Amir Sisters is the third book in Nadiya Hussain’s Amir Sisters series. It follows 2017’s The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters and 2019’s The Rise and Fall of the Amir Sisters. Despite this, it can also be read as a standalone, provided you are prepared for a fair few characters to be thrown at you in the first few chapters.

Ayisha Malik, author of much-loved Sofia Khan is Not Obliged consults on the series, which tells the story of four sisters: Fatima, Farah, Bubblee and Mae. Whilst the first book in the series was billed as the British Muslim take on Little Women, the third focuses more strongly on the character of Mae, the youngest sister who has just come to the end of her first year of university. She is feeling quite lost and disconnected from her family as she watches her sisters take their places in the world and take on the challenges of parenting. Too often in her family she is expected to put her dreams to the side to help her sisters. She isn’t a parent yet and, in her family, the needs of parents take priority. But, of course, she’s ‘too young’ to understand that…

A series of events at the start of the book shake Mae’s strong self-belief and willpower. She’s already struggling at university when she’s recorded putting her makeup on while sat on the train. The video is shared online and she’s horrified by people’s comments towards her. This leads to a difficult time for Mae and she questions her identity and begins to push boundaries that she’s barely touched before.

The Hopes and Triumphs of the Amir Sisters is an entertaining, light read for anyone who enjoys a family saga.

I received this book free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, HQ! You can catch the rest of the blog tour here:


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